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Brands of Puerto Rico


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A gastronomic event gathering the harvests and products of local farmers and suppliers in order to create a 100% Puerto Rican menu developed by the island's top chefs, accompanied by original high-end cocktails made with local ingredients. Book your space for our next dinner on March 28th at 7:00pm. It will take place at the restaurant Costa located in Calle Loíza. From the total cost, $5.00 will go directly to the waiters as tip. For more information and details, call 787-545-4545 or write us an e-mail at servicio@sal.pr or info@brandsofpuertorico.com.

Brands of Puerto Rico es una herramienta digital para impulsar la economía del País. Nuestra plataforma habilita a emprendedores puertorriqueños a mercadear sus productos al mundo.

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