Repelente natural para adultos y niños que protege contra los insectos. Hecho de aceite esenciales y tiene un exquisito aroma. 4oz.

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We began our operations in 2011 with the launch of Linda Mami Body Oil for the prevention of stretch marks. My mother, pharmacist Diana Cordero Vidal, created it in 1978 for my aunt’s first pregnancy. For over 30 years she prepared it from her pharmacy using natural ingredients and traditional methods.
I learned how to make the oil and began to manufacture it from my workshop at home. Out of necessity a great passion was born. In order to be able to build Linda Mami based on true knowledge, I started formal studies in aromatherapy and natural skincare formulation. After my twins were born in 2013, I got certified as a Doula. All these experiences gave me the knowledge and helped me to understand motherhood on a more intimate and heartfelt level.
In 2014 we won the competition Road to Success sponsored by Plaza las Américas and MasterCard. Linda Mami was chosen as the winner among 100 local companies. Now we have a vast collection of original natural and non-toxic skin care products, including Linda Mami Baby for babies and children, Linda Mami Blends, a special service where customers can design their own body oil and more than a dozen Retail Locations.
We give great importance to our ingredients, formulations and packaging. The majority of our suppliers are organic, vegan and kosher certify. Our skincare can be use by any person who wants to nourish their skin in a natural and non-toxic way. We know that many consumers are concern with the ingredients used in cosmetic products. In our website you can find a complete list of our ingredients. If you want to get to know us even better please visit our blog, where you can find articles of interest on a wide range of topics, like skincare and aromatherapy, pre-natal care, breastfeeding, health, nutrition, among many others.
As part of our commitment to the environment and the community we use eco-friendly packaging for all our gift sets and our bottles are re-usable and easy to recycle. Another important goal for Linda Mami is to serve as information and networking center for women and mothers in our community. We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing among women. We do this through our social pages, educational workshops and special events.


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