Pique Los Monkeys
For the unique, the bold, the daring, and the young at heart. Pique Los Monkeys pairs perfectly with everything! Pique Los Monkeys is made with passion, love, and lots of music in San Juan, Puerto Rico since 2011. Pique Los Monkeys is one of Los Monkeys' most famous recipes. Established in 2011 by young entrepreneurs, Warren E. Carrasquillo & Manuel González, Los Monkeys is a Puerto Rican fast-casual restaurant dedicated to making quality, accessible and fast-delivered food. The restaurant has gained a notorious and loyal clientele throughout their multiple locations by being distinguished not only by their food, but also by their brand. Since the beginning, this hot sauce recipe has won over everyone's palate, so we’ve decided to give the fans exactly what they want: a bottle of Pique Los Monkeys to take home.

Pique Los Monkeys
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