Ungüento Sobito Muscle Rub Balm

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We recommend our Sobito ointment for muscle aches. We use a series of essential oils, recommended to treat these dolamas, as well as herbs and medicinal plants (certified 100% organic) whose main active components are capsaicin (analgesic that helps to relieve pain) and flavonoid compounds that help reduce inflammation. The properties of these plants are recommended to treat conditions such as: muscle pains and spasms, fibromyalgia, sciatica, cramps, arthrosis (joint pain), arthritis, low back pain and rheumatism, among others. Sobito, as the grandmothers say.

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Taí Handmade Soaps is a line of skin care and wellness products handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients. Our work focuses on offering a high-quality product that satisfies your skin care needs. We use vegetable base oils, essential oils, salts, herbs, spices and clays, aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as infusions from these, among many other ingredients. All elements of the ingredients used in the elaboration of our products are combined to provide the final product with its moisturizing, regenerative, hydrating, and emollient properties among others, contributing to your quality of life and wellbeing.

I purchased this product with hope that it would help with my occasional aches and pains at age 63. I also suffer from muscle spasms and let me tell you it Works! I love the light scent and the way my skin absorbs it right away. It helps reduce inflammation and pain. I used it on my shoulders and wrist; it does relieve pain almost instantly. Word of caution; if you take prescription medications check that the St John’s Wort has no contraindications with your medicine. I had no problem using it and I love my Sobito.
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