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Excellent for the beach, pool or any occasion. Microfiber fabric that is quick to dry. Super comfortable and striking perfect for summer. 100% polyester fabric very comfortable. 100% cotton inner lining. Expandable waistband. Contrast in pockets and inside waistband. Laces to adjust the waist, finished with metal letterhead with the logo of the mark. Grommet to allow air to escape from the back. Color: Navy Blue (Polka Dots White) Contrast: Yellow. Tax included. Shipping will be between 5-7 working days.



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Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and the everlasting summer of the Caribbean, the concept for CAPITÁN was born in 2013. The idea was simple: create a high quality product at an affordable price for the classy fellow looking for that sense of style in his clothing, adding character to his lifestyle.
It’s all about the small details. Our products come from classic ideas and styles for the everyday guy, but we add that particular element of individuality that makes our product different and fresh. We strive to create a common ground where individuality and life can be experienced with style, making you feel like the classiest dude ever.
CAPITÁN aims to express a way of life. We look for leaders, captains and mates. Interesting people with a hint of rebelliousness and a mind of their own who want to express themselves.
We will provide you with the tools, but you are the one who will create this brand into a lifestyle.
Bottom line: elegance should not compromise the affordability of a product; specially, if you want to look good.

The weekend awaits.
Stay classy,


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