Taza de Cerámica Iguaca (Cotorra de Puerto Rico)


11oz. ceramic mug with original artistic reproduction of our beloved Iguaca, taíno name for the Puerto Rican parrot, in its natural environment. Tax included. Shipping will be made approximately during 5 to 7 business days.

The Pink Banana Trading Company, Inc. is a Puerto Rican company created by father and daughter who share the same concerns and creative skills. We design, print and market T-shirts, ceramic mugs, puzzles with Puerto Rican themes to create an industry of souvenirs that are 100% made in Puerto Rico. Our logo or trade mark is a parody of the labels of the first US companies that settled on the island in 1898. We were called "Porto Rico, " and we were like any other "banana republic." The "pink banana" in the logo shows that we are unique, different and we differ from the many.


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