Tai Juega Pelota (Spanish)


When the Taínos reached a certain age, they were expected to find a suitable mate. The young men moved to other yucayeques in the Island with this purpose. The ball game was a way to move young men around to different yucayeques and for each to prove who was the bravest, while meeting girls at the same time. In this adventure we see Tai competing and becoming a great leader.

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Editorial El Antillano is a collective composed of writers, researchers, cartoonists and graphic designers that specialize in graphic novels, illustration and stories for kids. Through our writings, we explore our common past, as well as the development of our nationality. Editorial El Antillano’s main objective is to educate; serve as a communicator of our stories and experiences through the application of fun formats that capture the attention of young people, that way we can motivate them to read, research and participate in the reality of our island. The first version of “Tai: el pequeño tayno” was distributed free in public schools in New York in the 70’s. We can imagine what importance this can have nowadays with the current migratory wave. There’s already more Puerto Ricans living outside of Puerto Rico than what we have in the island.


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