Statera Sweet & Salty Popcorn


Sweet & Salty Popcorn - 1 bag /10 units per bag .65 oz. Each batch is FRESHLY made, gluten free, non GMO and done with all natural ingredients including organic corn, sea salt from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (Flor de Mar Sea Salt). Tax included. Shipping will be done between 5-7 business days.

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There is popcorn, but then, there's Statera. We believe in snacking with balance, like in life, it’s just a matter of leaving out the extremes. Statera stands for balance, and just like its meaning, each bag offers the perfect combination between tasty and healthy . Our snacks are created the artisan way, by Puerto Rican hands in Ciales, Puerto Rico.

Lisa Marie
This popcorn is perfect if you’re looking for that double taste at the same time:) Just right.
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