Sofrito with Seasoning 12 oz

Chef Edgardo Noel Sofrito with seasoning 12 ounces jar.

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As part of the evolution of his professional career, the beloved Puerto Rican Chef Edgardo Noel presents his new “sofrito” called Sofrito Chef Edgardo Noel, bottled chilled, with or without seasoning to bring a unique and fresh flavor to everyone’s kitchen. Recognized for rescuing the culinary tradition learned from his grandmother, this recipe responds to the taste of the traditional palate with the most modern culinary techniques. "Sofrito is the base of excellence of our dishes," says the Chef who has 18 years of experience in the gastronomic world. “It’s a creole seasoning used to obtain the flavor of the natural vegetables and herbs that are combined to make it. We used essential ingredients from local cuisine to guarantee the best flavors such as “cubanel” peppers, onion, garlic, “recao” and “ajies”; oregano and cumin to bring the dishes to life. Everything tastes better with ‘sofrito’”, relates de author of the book “La cocina del nieto”.


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