Puerto Rican Parrot Keychain


Plush toy keychain of a Puerto Rican Parrot. Tax included. Shipping will be made within 7-10 business days.

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We are a Puerto Rican company dedicated to the sale of local products. We offer products of high quality and durability specifically designed for the tourist and local consumer.

Our products are available in places of high transit of travelers, as well as in gift and novelty shops.

Our company is committed to promoting the knowledge and appreciation of our native fauna. Our products are the ideal gift for children and adults who feel a great appreciation and curiosity for the magical song of the coquí. What is the coquí? The coquí is a small native frog from the amphibians group and lives in Puerto Rico. Its small size, as well as the strong and melodious sound that it produces at night make tourists and explorers marvel at the coquí and want to know more about its history.


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