Porto Rico: A Caribbean Isle (In English)


In its eagerness to contribute to the country's historic collection and its understanding from different perspectives, the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña's (ICP) editorial welcomed the suggestion made by Puerto Rico's Official Historian, Dr. Luis E. González Vales, of publishing Porto Rico, A Caribbean Isle. It is a relevant document product of the joint work of Richard James Van Deusen and his wife, Elizabeth Kneipple Van Deusen, in order to comprehend the vision of Puerto Rico projected to the United States during the 30's decade of the last century. In making this new print run, the ICP puts in the hands of current and future historians a publication that has been out of print for decades and that can shed light on many aspects of those first three decades of our 20th century.

Authors: Richard James Van Deusen & Elizabeth Kneipple Van Deusen
Year published: May 2012 Facsimile Edition
Binding: Rustic, History, 342 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-86581-664-0
Model: 2514FR

The Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña's (ICP) mission is to investigate, conserve, promote, and spread Puerto Rican culture in all its diversity and complexity. The memory and promise of a culture, all the different levels, areas, ages, and community's interests create a set of lifestyles, customs, and artistic manifestations which identify us as a country. The ICP exists in order to preserve and divulge this knowledge, internationally spread our talent and to enrich the love of self.

Our traditions are not rigid museum objects, but live activities that are in constant renovation, and reappropriation, as new traditions develop. The respect towards diversity, towards the hybrid, the appropriated and the restated are also an essential part of this institution which actively searches for everyone's collaboration in a task that has to be shared hand-in-hand with its huge diversity.


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