Plantain Flour


Plantain Flour Siembra la Tierra is a gluten-free product,100% natural, non-preservative, non-GMO and low in carbohydrates. Uses of our plantain Flour: pancakes,
sweet creams, soups, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, bread meats and more. Plantain Flour Siembra la Tierra 8 oz. Dale a tu paladar el sabor apastelao'. Tax included. Shipping will be made between 7-10 business days.

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Siembra la Tierra is a family business that grows plantain and bananas, as well as coffee and minor products at the De Hoyos Farm LLC. It has more than 10 acres in the Santa Bárbara sector of Tierra Alta, Jayuya. The agrobusiness Omar de Hoyos and his wife Denisse Rosado Díaz, have established an innovative elaboration project that includes products such as: plantain flour, and vacuum packaging of green peeled plantain (in pieces or whole), green peeled bananas (in pieces or whole) among other products derived from plantain.


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