Creole Pineapple Hot Sauce


Spicy salsa made in traditional Puerto Rican style: prepared from the pineapple fermentation, which gives it a rich aroma and flavor. The popular practice is to use it with stews, soups, etc, and for any dish to which you want to add the particular Creole touch of our fields. Tax included. Shipping will be made within 7-10 business days.




Finca Don Pupa, Inc. owns a family farm located in the Valley of Lajas dedicated to the cultivation of pineapple, guava, lemon, and papaya. Since pineapple is the main crop, several products have been developed using the pineapple as a protagonist. There are two rich pineapple varieties: the well-known big head pineapple (PR autoclave) and Piña MD-2: a juicy and sweet fruit, which has adapted very well to our region. The production of processed products includes dressings/sauces, vinaigrettes, jams, mince and fruit vinegar.


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