Pins: Ismael Rivera + La Bala + Sonero Ausente


Ismael Rivera + Eddie ‘La Bala’ Pérez + Sonero absent. Puerto Rican's Musicians born in San Mateo de Cangrejos (Santurce). By acquiring this product you are supporting the Ismael Foundation Rivera on his mission to preserve and spread the legacy of Sonero Mayor, promoting the arts as a development tool for personal and social welfare. Diameter: 1-1 / 4 Inc.Gears: Magdalys Marrero and Rafael Camacho.

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The Ismael Rivera Foundation (FIR) is a Puerto Rican non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the legacy of Ismael Rivera "El Sonero Mayor"; Internationally recognized singer who set new trends in Afro-Caribbean popular music. The FIR develops initiatives in the areas of education, culture, community, heritage and sustainable tourism in order to positively impact diverse audiences through culture as a tool for personal transformation and social well-being.


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