Perreo Combativo Notebook


Tamaño 8.2" x 5.6"
200 páginas con líneas
Carpeta blanda
Elástico para cierre
Impuesto Incluido. El envío se realizará en aproximadamente 7 a 10 días laborables.





Like any other person who craved success and becoming a professional, I took the decision of studying an MBA outside of Puerto Rico. That diploma resulted in a big hole in my pocket once I started paying the loan.
One night, while browsing the internet, the idea of doing a line of post cards popped up. I wanted to do something different of what we are used to seeing that also expressed what we really want to express, how we want to express it. This had to be too cool so people felt the need to gift them to others without having it be a special occasion. That's how Bien Cool is born.


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