Pequeños Arqueólogos


Go on a great archaeological adventure! You have been chosen along with a group of archaeologists to discover taíno artifacts that are buried in the island of Puerto Rico. And it will not be an easy adventure… in order to be the best, you will have to learn about taíno customs, culture and words. You will face grave dangers, such as pirates, storms, and rabid mongoose that will delay your progress. Are you in the game? Come join the Pequeños Arqueólogos Adventure! Fun for children and adults. It is the perfect educational board game for the family. From 2 to 8 players. From 6 years on. Includes: Board, 8 Game Cards, 8 Characters, 1 dice, 24 Percance (Danger) cards, 24 Descubre (Discover) cards, 32 Yacimiento (Site) cards, and 64 guanín tokens. Tax included. Shipping will be made between 7-10 business days.

Editorial El Antillano is a collective composed of writers, researchers, cartoonists and graphic designers that specialize in graphic novels, illustration and stories for kids. Through our writings, we explore our common past, as well as the development of our nationality. Editorial El Antillano’s main objective is to educate; serve as a communicator of our stories and experiences through the application of fun formats that capture the attention of young people, that way we can motivate them to read, research and participate in the reality of our island. The first version of “Tai: el pequeño tayno” was distributed free in public schools in New York in the 70’s. We can imagine what importance this can have nowadays with the current migratory wave. There’s already more Puerto Ricans living outside of Puerto Rico than what we have in the island.


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