Música popular puertorriqueña: adaptaciones corales (Puerto Rican Popular Music: Coral Adaptations)


These compilations of coral adaptations and original works, written in the course of two decades, were preparad as practical editions. The difficulty level of the works included in these two volumes varies. The reader will find content approachable for school choirs, as well as a big number of challenging pieces for more experienced groups. Also, the reader will find conformations for feminine, masculine, and mixed voices, both a capella as well as accompanied by instruments, prepared in 59 titles which diversity comprises from motets, madrigals, nursery rhymes, christmas carols, and Puerto Rican dance genres. The coral adaptations book includes musical arrangements from pieces like “Cachita”, “Campanitas de cristal”, “Capullito de alhelí”, “Preciosa”, and “El cumbanchero” by Rafael Hernández; “Olas y arenas” by Sylvia Rexach; “El platanar” and “El mangó” by Braulio Dueño Colón; “Luna de miel en Puerto Rico” and “Piel canela” by Bobby Capó; as well as “Villancico yaucano” by Amaury Veray, among others.

Author: Guarionex Morales Matos
Year published: 2015
Rustic, musical scores
Model: 3857FR

The Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña's (ICP) mission is to investigate, conserve, promote, and spread Puerto Rican culture in all its diversity and complexity. The memory and promise of a culture, all the different levels, areas, ages, and community's interests create a set of lifestyles, customs, and artistic manifestations which identify us as a country. The ICP exists in order to preserve and divulge this knowledge, internationally spread our talent and to enrich the love of self.

Our traditions are not rigid museum objects, but live activities that are in constant renovation, and reappropriation, as new traditions develop. The respect towards diversity, towards the hybrid, the appropriated and the restated are also an essential part of this institution which actively searches for everyone's collaboration in a task that has to be shared hand-in-hand with its huge diversity.


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