Milk Chocolate

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33% Milk Chocolate. Our rich cacao flavor milk chocolate bar.

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Forteza Caribbean Chocolate is the fine chocolate line of Chocolate Cortés, a Puerto Rican family owned and run chocolate company established in 1929. Launched with the goal of partnering with farmers in Puerto Rico to establish the local cacao industry, Forteza has become an unique farm-to-bar fine chocolate experience like no other. With the use of vintage equipment and a craftsman's approach to process these fine beans, comes an exceptionally smooth textured chocolate while exposing the particular aromas of each cacao origin to their fullest.

Our goal is to establish the cacao industry in Puerto Rico and position it as one of the best in the world. Making our chocolate the first 100% Puerto Rican fine chocolate line from cacao tree to bar. We are committed to our island's agriculture, economic development and delicious chocolate!


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