Puerto Rican Elf | Plush Toy + Book set | Jibarito de la Cajita

Share the beautiful traditions and values of Puerto Rican culture with a heartfelt story unique to the island. The Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set comes with a story book that encourages children to be compassionate and kind, as well as the soft jibarito plush toy that can accompany children after story-time is done. Give the Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set to a young one to celebrate their Puerto Rican heritage.

Jibarito de la Cajita Book & Toy Set:
A sweet story for the whole family!
Comes with one story book and plush toy
For ages 3 and up
14" Plush Toy
8.75" x 8.75" full-color hardcover book
32 Pages
Text is in Spanish

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El Jibarito de la Cajita is a new tradition. Transmit the values ​​and customs of our beautiful Puerto Rican culture in the most creative and fun way. Wherever joy goes it leads. El Jibarito is the ideal representation of Puerto Rico for adults, and the perfect gift for children. Jibarito jibarito, in every home a little piece of Puerto Rico.

Johnmichael Colón
The plush is beautiful and the story is very special. I am glad that Puerto Rico has its own Elf !
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