Flora | Wristlet Clutch


Delicate but practical, this clever asymmetric clutch from our Tropicalia collection has a single loop handle that keeps it closed and transforms it into a wristlet.

Details: 100% virgin Merino wool felt bag with handwoven 6mm neoprene rubber cable handle and KNOT predictable's signature red charm.
Dimensions: 11” W x 7” H x 0.75” D
Colors: Cassia, Jacaranda, Heliconia, Pavimento

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KNOT Predictable is a designer brand of innovative, practical and fun-to-wear pieces.

Designed and handcrafted in Puerto Rico using traditional knotting techniques, our lightweight necklaces and straps are hand-knitted from neoprene cable, a flexible, waterproof rubber compound. Paired in our handbags with luxurious 100% Merino wool felt, a renewable, resilient and wear resistant material, in an array of vibrant colors, we offer a functional yet beautiful alternative.

These sophisticated pieces are not mere accessories, they are meant to be displayed as wearable art and can transform any simple outfit into a statement.

Enjoy and prepare to be admired!


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