Flavors of San Juan Locals Box


San Juan locals enjoy amazing food every single day, and we believe you should too. Enjoy this tasty locals box filled with our favorite treats. The San Juan Locals Box includes the following:

Spicy Caribbee 3oz Fuego Pique Sauce:
Spicy Caribbee's most potenent hot sauce/pique. Add "fuego" prior to, while cooking or as table sauces. Great on everything!

Spicy Caribbee 8oz Sofrito:
Enjoy the most famous "base" for dishes in Puerto Rico. Spicy Caribbee's "Dona Nery's" version is great to add to soups, stews, rice and beans, etc. Includes onion, garlic, local peppers, cilantro, recao)

Spicy Caribbee Herbed Sea Salt packet:
Spicy Caribbee herbed sea salt/adobo (fresh ginger root, ) the only blend on the market made like this! Great on everything: poultry, beef, pork, fish. Season meat: mix oil and vinegar (enough to wet meat/fish) let marinate a few hours and cook according to your recipe. All natural ingredients/no preservatives. net weight 4 oz

Spicy Caribbee Steak Seasoning packet:
Spicy Caribbee steak seasoning: the long leaf Puerto Rican cilantro adds a truly unique flavor to our steak seasoning. Use on T-Bone, flank, round steak, prime rib, strip steak and all other steak cuts. Net weight 4 oz

Spicy Caribbee small Mango Jam:
Spicy Caribbee smooth mango jam that will remind you of the tropics on a breezy day. Great on french bread, croissants, mallorca, and all types of crackers

100% Arabica Afincao Ground Coffee 12oz:
Incredible, smooth 100% Puerto Rican Arabica coffee plucked from the mountains of Jayuya. Enjoy several cups from this 12 oz ground coffee bag

Tax included. Shipping will be made within 5-7 business days.

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