Lite Export Soda FoilPacks


If you want to be in shape without sacrificing flavor, Rovira Export Sodas Lite is your alternative. Crunchy, crispy and with zero fat, just the way you like them. You can enjoy them by themselves or with your favorite accompaniment. Individual Triple Fresh Paks. 0% Fat 0% Cholesterol 0% Trans Fat 0% Sugar Low Sodium. Tax included.






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Established in Ponce, PR since 1929, we take pride in our long standing tradition of providing customer satisfaction through the manufacture and distribution of prime crackers in different types of packages designed for lasting freshness. We focus on consumer's needs, our client's success and our employees’ excellent performance. We are always looking for new and exciting products to share with our loyal base of customers. We do this through a commitment to market research and quality. Our constant growth during the past decades attests to the success of our commitment. Presently the 4th generation of the Rovira family, together with a professional staff, is taking the business to the next generation of loyal and demanding consumers with new and exciting product ideas.

Mis favoritas! Super tostaditas y perfectas con un cafesito.
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