Devozioni Our Lady of the Divine Providence ("La Nuestra") Historical Rosary Bracelet - The Patroness of Puerto Rico

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Rosary bracelet in faceted crystals and genuine semi-precious stones such as dyed howlite and mother-of-pearl. Enameled metals and authentic Italian medal of the Virgin of the Divine Providence. Each element of this bracelet alludes to important symbolisms and facts about the history of the devotion on the Virgin of the Divine Providence, Patroness of Puerto Rico (explanatory sheet included).

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Brand of ethical jewelry and accessories made 100% in Puerto Rico. Each piece and collection tells a story, a result of our daily inspirations and devotions. Our daily inspiration line tells the story of our own influences and positive life experiences. Our devotional line (Devozioni by Krystalos) tell the stories of faith and surrender to God by different historical characters and Christian devotees. In Krystalos you will always find a piece that identifies with your very own life mission.


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