Devozioni "Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez" Devotional Medal Necklace


Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez is the only Puertorrican beatified person, and the first beatified layperson of the Caribbean. His advocacy towards the renewal of the liturgy at a time when little understood the ritual, was one of his most important tasks, making him one of the most influential voices in what is now known as the Second Vatican Council. Because of this, he is considered a pre-conciliar apostle of what came to be the Sacrosanctum concillium. B. Carlos Manuel was actively insisting on modifying the liturgy to promote a greater participation of the faithful, and to be better understood by them, offering it in the vernacular language. His mission was focused on education and the promulgation of the faith through his own publications, for which he invested all his money. He did all of that while battling a terrible disease that eventually turned into cancer. His phrase "We live for that Night" is the setting of his favorite time of the year: The Easter Vigil. At the time of his beatification in 2001, a commemorative medal was coined and given to the faithful during the celebration of this event. However, a daily devotional medal dedicated to Blessed Carlos Manuel was never coined. This medal necklace features the FIRST AND ONLY Italian devotional medal of Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez with our distinctive logo, in a ball chain aluminum necklace 24" long with a ball diameter of 3/32". Tax included.

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Brand of ethical jewelry and accessories made 100% in Puerto Rico. Each piece and collection tells a story, a result of our daily inspirations and devotions. Our daily inspiration line tells the story of our own influences and positive life experiences. Our devotional line (Devozioni by Krystalos) tell the stories of faith and surrender to God by different historical characters and Christian devotees. In Krystalos you will always find a piece that identifies with your very own life mission.


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