Croutons | Cassava | Mi Cosecha | 5oz.


-Fresh natural cassava croutons made fresh and very simple, a treat for your taste buds, a sophisticated way to experience your salads or soups. The taste will keep you coming back for more. You want a product that tastes as good as it looks. Mi Cosecha is a healthier and tastier alternative to regular French fries. Re-imagine the snack experience with Mi Cosecha.
-Weight: 5 oz (140g)
-Ingredients: cassava, vegetable oil (palm oil and / or sunflower oil), salt. DOES NOT CONTAIN ALLERGENS





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Mi Cosecha is a 100% family owned company with the main operations located in Puerto Rico and farms and processing plants in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Owners Carlos R. Colon and his son Alex R. Colon come from a family that has been involved in the agriculture since the 1940’s and had the idea of ​​having the freshest products available to customers. For the past years Mi Cosecha has built a loyal customer base, and continue to create products that reflects, health, quality and taste, with the slogan, the Healthy way to go!

After hurricane Maria, we took the time to develop a new line of products to be able to offer the same products we were already working with and offer those with new alternative packaging and options. And this is the beginning of a new chapter in Mi Cosecha.


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