Combo: 2 Plantain Chips bags and 2 Pork Cracklings bags


6oz. Combo of 4 bags. 2 bags of Pork Cracklings and 2 bags of Plantain Chips. FILLER is part of the Puerto Rican family's history. Founded in 1954, Filler is dedicated to the confection of delicious high-quality snacks made to the taste of the Puerto Rican palate. The Filler Plantain Chips and Filler Pork Cracklings are made at the Caribbean Snacks & More factory located in Naguabo, Puerto Rico.

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FILLER is a part of Puertorrican family tradition. Founded in 1954, FILLER dedicated its confection of delicious snacks to the highest quality to the Puerto Rican palate. FILLER PLATANUTRES & CHICHARRONES is made and produced in a warehouse in Naguabo, PR. The company hires a total of 25 people. From Naguabo with love!


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