Colaitos PR Coffee 8oz


ColaitosPR coffee it's grown in Utuado, Puerto Rico and it's fruit is carefully selected to later be roasted.The bean is classified by shapes because, in this way we can achieved a uniform roast. The height, temperature and the special treatment helps this coffee to be of the best quality. After being selected it is brought to roasting to Café 2150 located in Bayamón to have its personalized roast. Our coffee has a special roast selected by the torrefactor in Café 2150 and her propietary, who is also a barista, Claudia Castrodad. Making this coffee unique.ColaitosPR also promotes coffee shops with local coffee, helping the economy of Puerto Rico and promoting the talent of our baristas. We hope the best expectations with our coffee and the best experience at the comfort of your home. Tax included. Shipping will be made between 7-10 business days.





100% Puerto Rican coffee from Utuado.


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