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Enrique Piñeiro Figueroa, hijo único de madre divorciada, comenzó por necesidad en la cocina a la edad de 11 años. Su madre laboraba durante el día y estudiaba de noche, por eso Enrique, entre otras tareas, ayudaba a su madre en la cocina; de ahí surge su pasión por la cocina.

Author: Chef Piñeiro

Year: 2018 | Pages: 250

Independent Publishing

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After the passage of the devastating hurricane Maria on the island, many Puerto Ricans were affected and still suffer the consequences of the historic atmospheric phenomenon. Thousands lost their home, their business, and even hope in a Puerto Rico capable of giving them a promising future. According to the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, by the year 2016 there were 5.5 million Puerto Ricans outside the island and it is estimated that in the next two years some 470,000 will be added to the massive population exodus from our homeland.

Despite the high rate of emigration, most of the emigrants miss their land, their customs and try everything possible to keep the culture alive from generation to generation. That is why the idea of Books 787 arises; a completely online store dedicated to the sale of books of Puerto Rican authorship.

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