Chocolate Bar


Classic Chocolate Bar. Sweet, delicious and highly recommended to prepare hot beverages. Melts slowly in hot milk creating the traditional hot chocolate that everyone loves. This bar is full of sweet taste and aroma. 7oz. Tax included. Shipping will be made within 5-7 business days.






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Founded in 1929 by Don Pedro Cortés Forteza, Chocolate Cortés is a family business of four generations. Committed to providing the highest quality chocolate, Cortés participates in the entire process of making chocolate, from the selection of the seed to the final product. Cortés' dedication to quality and sustainability has been strengthened globally, becoming one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the Caribbean. The company has more than fifty varieties of cocoa products, in a variety of flavors and sizes. Leaders in the hot chocolate segment in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Este es sin duda el mejor chocolate caliente que e probado! Nada como una taza de chocolate caliente en una noche fría o de lluvia y este es sin dudar el mejor acompañante! Lo mejor es el excelente precio!
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