Café La Torre


The Café La Torre is an artisanal Arabic coffee of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. The coffee is toasted in firewood which gives it a unique flavor. It comes ground in 2.5oz and 10oz, as well as 10oz whole bean. Tax included. Shipping will be made within 7-10 business days.






This project was born with the aim of bringing the local handicrafts to a globalized market. In our portal, in addition to being able to acquire unique pieces, you can be informed of important events through a calendar of craft activities. It will also publish recommendations of books, articles, and documents to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Puerto Rican crafts.

We give artisans a space in the world and open the market for social and cybernetic networks to present and promote their Puerto Rican crafts. With over 30 artisan lines and over 3,000 certified artisans, the artisan universe of Puerto Rico is vast and varied. For every taste, there is a piece or article, from the sizes of the saints of palo, typical ceramic prints, ragdolls, coconut jewelry, pieces of recycled paper, wooden toys, soaps and lotions, turned wood pieces, sweets Typical, coffee, even Christmas ornaments in the form of wooden houses.


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