Café Exquisito Whole Bean Kosher Certified


Café Exquisito is a 100% Puerto Rican coffee cultivated and harvest in the mountains of Adjuntas Puerto Rico. Café Exquisito has great qualities, among them:

• Arabic Caturra variety, Café Exquisito is elaborated only with Arabic caturra seeds, that’s why it’s possible to distinguish the unique properties that our coffee owns.

• Single source, that means that you will enjoy all the richness; fragrance and flavors that the coffee fruit acquire of its specific microclimate. The height, temperature, shadow and humidity, all of these factors result in a single production.

• Grain selection: It begins with a hand collection, selecting the coffee grains that are perfectly ripe, it continues with size density and color, until we get a grain without imperfections.

• Inimitable toast: Heat is applied in the same way to all grains, allowing every grain to achieve the same degree of cooking. Achieving an even toast where the properties of the grain are highlighted.

Café Exquisito is preferred by connoisseurs of good coffee, thanks to its origin variety selection, toast and freshness.

We see the coffee as the ideal match; that cancels the difference and promotes communication, unity, solidarity and the mutual respect. Tax included. Shipping will be made between 7-10 business days.




Two Puerto Rican siblings who were passionate about coffee, and eager to start a business, joined together to create a unique, exquisite coffee. Café Exquisito has a unique origin and is prepared with the highest quality standards. Caturra arabic seed planted at 2,300 ft above sea level in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. It is medium roasted in order to enhance its aroma and flavor.


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