Bath Tea Bags


For a relaxing bath, each tea bag is made up of a blend of organic ingredients such as: peppermint, rose petals, chamomille, lemon, ginger, and a sweet touch of chocolate chips. Included. Shipping will be between 7-10 working days.

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Back in 2008, I lost my job as a respiratory therapist. But given that my husband was a massage therapist, I was able to learn a lot about aromatherapy. He convinced me to take some seminars about product elaboration for aromatherapy like candles, soaps and other products. At first this was a hobby, but the I realized, I could sell them. This is when I decided I could start my own business. In 2010 the business started growing and I was able to take my first steps as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, later that year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I decided to stop everything and take care of myself.
During that time, I noticed that the products I made worked and made me feel better, so why not share them with others. Forward to 2013 and 2015, I get into a series of programs that help my business grow, and I am eternally grateful for that and with the people that helped me. I am happy with my achievements and, with God first, I hope to have a local store soon.


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