Arquitectura de Puerto Rico: Libro enciclopédico y glosario arquitectónico


Arquitectura de Puerto Rico” is a book of important didactic content and of great visual beauty designed for all type of public. It is an acknowledgment of Puerto Rican architecture and design. The aim of this encyclopedia is for the reader to explore, know and enjoy architecture as a reflection of the aspirations of a society. This publication bears the stamp of "Astrid Designs", by architect Astrid Díaz Vega, who, through her work in architecture and media work, brings her vision here about the importance of architectural design in Puerto Rico. Tax included. Shipping will be made within 5-7 business days.

Collection Cloths. A new creation of "Astrid Designs" has caused a rage in fashion: scarves and bandanas of great design inspired by the architecture of Puerto Rico. The collection of scarves by the renowned architect have become the subject of our fashion and topic of conversation between women and men for those who seek as a gift for their wives or purchase towels for personal use.


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