Parranda Care Package

Basket filled with a deliciousness mix of local brands products from our gourmet section. You will enjoy the taste of local coffee, soup cream, 1 Tres Monjitas juice (may vary the flavor) and snacks.

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Brands of Puerto Rico uses top quality products with the intention of making your life easier and stylish. We are 100% committed to promoting Puerto Rican brands. In Brands of Puerto Rico, we work with Puerto Rico's entrepreneurs to grow their companies and the economy of our country.

My Father is here in the States & Is Hardest Working Man I Know; Saying that to Say THIS: He recently lost his father, after losing his mother... then His Partner, My Mother, SPLITS!!! now he works even Harder to get by, and busy his mind. I know he Misses Home.. I know he Misses Care Packages Mama used to Send Us... I know he Misses Someone to Spend time with... and he is so busy.. SO I KNOW HE WILL LOVE THIS!! because when i saw this site, and the pkg i got emotional. i am crying now!! so thank you for this. I am in NY, and can not wait to see his Spirits Lifted.. he needs a Win, i think we all do <3 yes, i'm about to show up at his work singing xxo
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