"9 Potencias" Liniment


Deep penetrating liniment that will ease and relieve sore muscles and back pain. A great choice for overworked muscles after a long workout.

Formulated with:
● Emu oil to relieve inflammation and penetrate the muscles and joints.
● Arnica extract, well known for its anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling and improve circulation.
● Menthol and Camphor crystals for its warming and pain relieving effect. For external use. Not to be used on broken skin. Active ingredients: Camphor, Methyl, Salicylate, and Menthol.
Easy to apply roll-on bottle. 3oz (90ml).

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We are a small family-run company who pioneered the soapmaking business in Puerto Rico. From our humble beginnings in our garage in 2001, we have grown to be the largest handcrafted soap maker on the island! In 2004, we moved into a building to house our shop and retail store where customers can watch as the products are made. We are passionate about making the best soaps and natural products on the island.


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