Un Coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén
"From Boriquén to Bethlehem: A Coquí and the Three Wise Men" is the story of a magical coquí (a tree frog native to Puerto Rico) who traveled with the three kings to the first Christmas. The coquí's call helps the Magi find the little Baby Jesus. In gratitude, the Kings promise the girl to yearly visit the children of Puerto Rico, and to find them wherever they may be if they hear the coquí's song. Geared towards Puerto Rican children, and in particular those living outside of the island, mainly in the U.S., the fun rhyming story explains how the Magi are able to find children's homes wherever they are, be it in San Juan or in New York, in Orlando or in Juana Díaz. The story's text can be found in Spanish and English.