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Maribel Ruiz-Torres or Mari is the creative source behind MariRu Design Studio. She has been creating jewelry since the early 1990s and it wasn't until 2014 that she decided to make it a formal activity in her daily life. While she has a BA in Chemistry and Spanish, she has always had a passion for creating things and her aspirations as a classical guitar player were not enough to fulfill that creative side, so she decided to pursue her jewelry making instead. Mari’s favorite job was at a specialty bead store in Washington, DC which inspired and motivated her to continue her education in jewelry making. This encouragement and support allowed her to complete a couple of introductory silversmith courses in addition to the classes she completed in basic beading, basic and advanced wire wrapping, and pearl knotting techniques. Mari currently resides in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico and continues to be the designer, marketing specialist, administrator, shipper, customer service rep, and photographer of MariRu Design Studio.

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