Instituto Psicopedagógico de Puerto Rico (IPPR)
The Psychopedagogical Institute of Puerto Rico is a private non-profit organization, founded in 1949, whose mission is to provide dignified and quality care to adults with intellectual disabilities, seeking the maximum development of their capacities, and the tranquility of their families . It offers integrated programs for the population with intellectual disabilities and functional diversity: housing, education, health, physical and occupational therapies, recreation, among others. Currently, there are 85 adults over 18 years of age, most of whom are over 50+ years of age. It is a population with various conditions such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, genetic or birth conditions, among others, and they need your help since it is also a population that is aging. We also have daytime education, recreation and therapy programs for external participants from all over the Island. We operate 24/7 so we need your help to continue offering our services to more people. According to the latest census, on the Island there are approximately 300,000 people with intellectual disabilities and there are no organizations like ours that provide this type of services to adults in Puerto Rico.

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