Flor de Mar
FLOR DE MAR, LLC is dedicated to the artisan craftsmanship of the first and only sea salt brand from Puerto Rico. Flor de Mar was created and developed by two young professionals with the purpose of providing the consumer with a local product of superior gourmet quality that was harvested and elaborated in their native Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. They took up the challenge of rescuing the oldest industry of the Antilles and give life to what was one of the most valuable economic resources that Puerto Rico had for many years. Flor de Mar Sea Salt is hand harvested in “Las Salinas” Salt Pans located in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, a pristine small town on the west coast of the island. Whereas history tells, the salt extraction dates back to the Taino Indians in 700 A.C. This was the first salt industry of the Antilles, making it the most ancient industry in Puerto Rico that still operates today. The salt extracted from the Cabo Rojo Salt Pans was then referred to as the white gold of the Antilles. Currently archaeological have been identified in the area, increasing its historical value. Therefore, in 1999 Las Salinas became part of the Fish and Wildlife Refuge of Cabo Rojo. The great historical, ecological and archaeological value of Las Salinas de Cabo Rojo makes it a natural patrimony with an incalculable importance. In addition to the many nutritional properties of our sea salt, Flor de Mar is 100% raw and unaltered with preservatives, bleaching chemicals or aluminum.

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