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ENVI produces premium handcrafted wood watches. The passion for our watches is exemplified through every detail. We founded ENVI in order to promote and motivate young future entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico. Living in a tropical island, we are surrounded by the best scenery, the best people, and our island is the core inspiration in the design of our artwork. As young environmentally conscious people, we are always looking at how can we make our world a better place and become apart of the solution. We offer a collection of timepieces that are comprised of 100% natural wood. By using these materials we are safeguarding the environment from possible potential harm. Since our products are handmade with great precision and attention to detail, it helps make our production much more eco-friendly. For us, ENVI is more than a brand. ENVI is a movement to raise awareness about the environment and motivate younger generations to carry the message that there are still fertile lands in Puerto Rico that can bear fruit.

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