Chulería en Pote
Chef Vivoni grew up surrounded by coffee in an Hacienda located in the central mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. There is where his passion for nature, arts, and hospitality was born. This “Jibarito” had his effervescent rise with his interpretation of Puerto Rican cuisine. During his childhood days his mother introduced him to simple, but great flavors that are now the foundation to his culinary style. On his father’s side, his grandmother and sisters came from Lebanon. In every gathering, he would experience Mediterranean culinary tradition. On the other side of his family, his maternal grandmother had a passion for gastronomy inspired by travelling and “Criollo” cuisine. Ventura got his certificate in the Culinary Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico and immediately started learning from diverse culinary traditions. Driven by appetite, at a young age of 27, he was already an Executive Chef for a hotel in Grenada, West Indies. In order to continue satisfying his hunger for culinary knowledge, Chef Vivoni immersed into a sampler of cultures including: Spain, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and more. For Chef Vivoni anything goes when it comes to creating a unique culinary experience. Chef Vivoni has been involved in diverse cuisine art, from humble Boricua Fogón to Michelin Star Kitchens such as PERSE; staging beside renowned chef, Thomas Keller in NY. “Que Pasa” magazine named him, “one of the Puerto Rican emerging culinary superstars” “El Vocero” newspaper, selected him as, “one of the 10 best Puerto Rican Chefs of Nouvelle Cuisine.” Highlighted by Food and Wine Magazine like Puerto Rico’s, “new culinary promise.” Chef Vivoni hosted 9 seasons of his own cooking show, “Travesías con Sabor” on WIPR channel in Puerto Rico. Recorded outdoors, the purpose was to enhance local Puerto Rican agriculture by cooking in beautiful surroundings across the island using their freshly picked ingredients. Some International appearances include: “Cutthroat Kitchen” on the renowned Food Network channel and the “Movable Food Feast” on Fine Cooking channel. He has now joined ventures with his parents at Restaur-Arte Vida Ventura, located in Hacienda Luz de Luna in Adjuntas, which is dated back to 1887. A unique experience dedicated to the senses, through history and the culinary arts. Considered by many as a “Hidden Gem” in the Culinary World. With the strength and energy that his wife and daughter bring to the table, Chef Vivoni felt obliged to share his recipe with the rest of the world, thus launching his 12 spice Adobo, “Chulería en Pote”.

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