Café Castañer Supremo
Castañer Supremo established ten years ago in “Poblado Castañer.” Castañer Supremos was born because of the need to elaborate a special coffee and to educate the consumer about the importance of keeping organic coffee’s culture. After twenty years in the industry, Pedro Bengochea established Castañer Supremo’s brand and created a niche of specialty coffee that was recognized by demanding coffee drinkers who purchase his product in and out of Puerto Rico. With his name, Castañer Supremo, and his character, Flores Soto has been a pioneer in environmental organizations that stimulate and educate about the importance of cultivating coffee in harmony with the environment. With the help of organizations like Cafe Escencia, Castañer has been able to offer workshops to raise awareness of coffee culture and has filmed several documentaries like “Prohibido Olvidar” and “Los Caminos del Café” in collaboration with the Puerto Rican Foundation for Humanities and the National Foundation of Arts. Castañer is base in the zone of the island that is most productive for coffee.

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