We are Colombian artists based in Puerto Rico. Our main objective is to highlight the "country" brand through products of everyday and conventional use, which we turn into art for the home and thus honor the flag that each human being must exalt at the time of presenting his origin as the Puerto Rican. As Colombians, we believe in our culture, which is why we are exhibitors of the Wayuu culture and its essence. We participate together with non-profit organizations like Kaamairu in the sustainability of the network with Wayuu families, which allows us to contribute in an organized, projected and meaningful way to education (Wararat project) of more than six hundred children in these communities. level of infrastructure, classroom projects, ethnic curricula and food. Aracataca is a Colombian municipality in the department of Magdalena. The Nobel Prize for Literature Gabriel García Márquez and the photographer and caricaturist Leo Matiz Espinoza were born here. From here our inspiration, to show the world the beauties and Colombian creativity. Colombia is a country located in South America with more than 40 million inhabitants and multiculture ready to present to the world. Arakataca works to show every day how great our country is. Puerto Rico is our current location and we hope to reach more corners of the world where culture and art are valued as it is in this beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

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Wood "Tostonera"

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