Uvita Playera

UVitA PLAYeRa was born in 2009 when I started dancing “bomba” with a group called “Tambuyé”. I needed a few accessories for the annual show and I couldn’t find anything I liked. For me this was a year of internal tourism and in Reserva de Fajardo Beach, I collected some “Uva Playera” leaves because of their form and tone. With the leaves I collected, I was able to make the jewelry I needed for the event. Everybody at the event started asking me where did I get them, so I started making and selling them. It’s been tough, my products don’t sell wholesale. All products are unique. I have a certification from Natural Resources that allows me to collect dead coral and other elements from the sand, if you don’t have this certification, it is illegal. UVita is available in “La Chiwinha” in Rio Piedras, Museum of The Americas Store in Old San Juan, The Puerto Rican Art Museum Store and BoPR.

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