Purple Swan

Purple Swan is a local line that has specialized in handbags and accessories made with reused materials. Each piece is made elaborated with dedication as a piece of art that will be exclusive to whoever uses it. For over ten years we have pleased thousands of customers local and foreign with our exclusive and unique pieces. Our commitment goes a lot beyond distributing and marketing accessories and wallets, at Purple Swan we have a great respect for the authenticity of Puerto Rican craftsmanship, and we want to share it with the world one piece at a time. From the beginning, we tackled an artisan line that was not even considered by the agencies governmental organizations that protect the Puerto Rican craftsmanship, but that it was urgent at the time which was recognized. By definition, craftsmanship requires the artist to find his material in their native land and beyond just taking it and creating a product should be set up a very close relationship between the artisan and his raw material. This intimate and conceptual relationship was the one that emerged in our workshop after many years of search and transitions. We recognized the need to reuse and transform the non-organic matter that we find in our soil Borincane in some useful product that could contribute to its conservation. Since then we are very committed to cleaning up common areas of our community, giving workshops and lectures on reuse and preservation. Also, each of our collections and pieces has an educational and critical meaning that we communicate to our broad public.

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