Kleurë Cosmetics

Kleurë cosmetics is a small company established in 2013, dedicated to pampering our skin. All the products that we work are natural, for all types of skins, where every cosmetic product is manufactured by hand. Makeup * Mineral makeup that includes: powder base, corrector of eyes, blush, shades, color balm, lip gloss. * 100% natural lotions that nourish your skin. * Glycerin and handmade soaps, for the daily care of the whole family. * Exfoliators for the body where you will eliminate dead cells. With exquisite aromas and essences to relax or enliven your body. * Air fresheners for the car and home. * Shaving creams for men and women. * Creams with collagen and/or vitamin C for the morning and night care of our skin. * Cleansing creams, makeup remover. * Facial masks, creams with peeling effect. We are a festival of colors, full of the blessing of God, eager to reach you.

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