Coaching Cups

CoachingCups is a name that hovered in my mind just over a year. However, the concept changed several times until it became what it is today. As a Certified Life Coach, my mission and passion in life are to inspire other human beings to find or discover their lives that have been still asleep or paused. That, along with the passion for coffee, make the perfect combination to choose the name of this project of life, which goes beyond a bracelet. After having a coffee bean in my hand, that fell from the mill of a coffee shop I frequented for more than three years. I had the vision to work in some way that could be as an accessory. At that moment I began to look for instruments and to invent possible ways to make them. In turn, I began to think of messages that could be worked on a mini card to accompany each piece in the packaging. The universe is beautiful, and everything was aligned correctly. Of course, I did not have the financial resources to do it to the magnitude that I would have liked, but it was not necessary. I borrowed money, bought materials, started the garment and had the blessing of having the best graphic artist who could have existed for this. Ideas were transferred entirely from the mind to reality. CoachingCups also gives me the opportunity to work with inspirational workshops as I mentioned at the beginning, where people can discover emotions that have unleashed through the experience of drinking coffee. I can say that the steps are still small, but firm and with the certainty that many good things will happen because this is just the beginning. Long live life, live the coffee!

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