Café Sabino

An orocoveño farmer was the inspiration ... Miguel Angel Torres Torres, original of Orocovis and student of agronomy, next to its companion, a student of environmental sciences, Lorianny Rivera, decide to create its own coffee company called Café Sabino. The main inspiration was Miguel's grandfather, Don Sabino Torres who was a firefighter for 30 years at Orocovis and a renowned farmer. "When he died, I was only ten years old, but the experiences I lived with were the ones that pushed me to continue studying agriculture. I entered the College for Biology with that mentality that we have many young people to be doctors. When I had to take an elective class, I decided to do it in agriculture and in one of the laboratories I had to graft a Chinese tree and a mango tree. My companions had never done it, and I did not either, but I took out the blade, the same one he used, which my grandmother gave me as a souvenir and I started to make them ... I did not miss one! That's what I said, definitely mine is agriculture. " What does Café Sabino do special? It is 100% Puerto Rican. As many will know, many Puerto Rican coffee companies only have Puerto Rican employees, while coffee as such comes from other countries like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and even Vietnam. Café Sabino is produced at the La Perla estate in Mayagüez, although according to Miguel, they are already in efforts to include farms in their hometown, Orocovis and of course also sold here. Apart from this, it has a biodegradable packaging and an eco-friendly production. "I worked during the last harvest next to the Experimental Agricultural Station, the project La Taza de Oro, which seeks to highlight the quality of Puerto Rican coffee and give farmers recommendations to improve their production. That's when I realized how sacrificed it is The whole process that involves preparing the coffee. Coffee that came to the whole world and in its time was the best, and I say in its time because unfortunately is given more emphasis to so many things and we leave agriculture to one side. Grandfather, besides being a firefighter, always worked the farm. I dare say that he was one of the pioneers in the field of hydroponics in Puerto Rico and the grafting of fruit trees. That was his passion. " "I became friends with a very knowledgeable farmer, his name is Luís Curbelo, and I began to visit his farm. Going to the farm and working the coffee process was like being there 12 years ago. Reliving that one day he told me; "Miguel, why don't you make your coffee" and I said back "I don't know what I'm going to do, but if I do something it will be in honor of my grandfather and if it's coffee. And it will be called Café Sabino."

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