Café Aromas del Campo

His grandmother, Esther Jiménez Toro—founder of the family business "Café Aromas del Campo" (Countryside Aroma Coffee) in Caguana, Utuado—taught him everything he knows about coffee. His mission is to protect that legacy. Thirty-three-year-old Alberto Méndez Custodio, who took control of the business in 2006, remembered his grandmother's important role in the industry. "My grandmother was one of the few women who produced coffee in Puerto Rico in her time, in a male-dominated job. At home, we built from 3,000 to 4,000 quintals of coffee, and my grandmother did it all on her own," he recalled. Alberto Méndez Custodio, de 33 años de edad y quien lleva las riendas del negocio desde el 2006, recordó la importante labor de su abuela en la industria. “Mi abuela fue de las pocas mujeres elaboradoras de café en Puerto Rico para su época, en un negocio dominado por hombres. En casa se elaboraban de 3,000 a 4,000 quintales de café y mi abuela lo hacía sola”, rememoró.

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